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When The Flowers Close Their Eyes

We rush, we work, we go some more
Success means busy lives
We run around revolving doors
But never go inside
We plan, we buy, not stopping ‘til
Our wants are satisfied
It’s rare that you will find us still
With truths we’d rather hide
The aches we do not want to feel
Will slowly weigh us down
Authenticity is firmly sealed
With no chance of being found
We weren’t meant to live this way
It’s okay to feel defeat
In heartbreak we must stop and stay
Embrace the fire’s heat
Each time we rise through flame and ash
Quite stunned we made it through
We’ll find ourselves along a path
We were born to pursue
The weather’s out of our control
We cannot tame the seas
But sit silent and you’ll hear your soul
Move through you like the breeze
Beneath the storms, the darkened skies
We must give ourselves to rest
Even the flowers close their eyes
To emerge once more, refreshed

When The Flowers Close Their Eyes: Text
When The Flowers Close Their Eyes: Text
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