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Volunteer Writing

Coveted Canines and Creatures Rescue

I have had the privilege of working with Coveted Canines and Creatures Rescue since August 2020 contributing successful adoption stories to their website's blog. I interview people who have adopted dogs through the organization in the hopes to encourage others to adopt instead of shop when in search of a loving companion. 

"One of the most rewarding things about adopting a rescue is being able to save an animal from a fate they had no choice in... We don't need to make more; we need to save the ones the world has already created for us."

Coveted Canines and Creatures Rescue Blog 

My work includes:

Prince's Success Story

Lyle's Success Story

463 Days With No Home of His Own

Jax's Success Story 

Zoe's Success Story

Margie and Precious's Success Story 

Bruno's Success Story

Spike Lived Outside in a Box for 6 Years Until CCR and Donors Saved Him 

Oliver's Success Story

Cash's Success Story 

Dot's Success Story 

Johny's Success Story 

Sweetie's Success Story 

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