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A quote I recently came across said “What could possibly be gained by refusing to share who I am or withholding the words that come through me?” For almost as long as I can remember I have been writing poetry, and I’m incredibly excited to finally present it to you.

I used to keep my poetry entirely to myself because of how personal and vulnerable it felt to share, but over time I realized that’s why I should be sharing it; the things that aren’t often expressed aloud tend to resonate the most.

The ability to write is a gift I have been blessed with, and some of the best gifts are the ones we share with other people. Whether I write poetry inspired by elements in my own life, or poetry that was created for someone else, I always feel fulfilled and proud when a poem can resonate with readers.

My inspiration stems from infinite sources, and the themes in my writing change like the seasons as I continue to learn and grow. Lately my focus has narrowed in on nature, spirituality and creativity, as my recent personal practices have led to more self-exploration and expression than ever before.

Through my poetry, I delve into deep emotions and experiences and how they connect us, not only to each other, but to the universe and all forms of life. I reflect on the intricate connections between people and the natural world, and enjoy articulating those similarities through metaphor, personification and imagery.

I love experimenting with different styles to find the best fit for what I’m trying to say at the time. Whether it be through found poetry, acrostic poetry, prose poetry, concrete poetry or free verse poetry I love exploring rhyme, rhythm, repetition and reason.

One of the most memorable compliments I received was after gifting one of my poems to Ellen Hopkins, author of Crank, she emailed me the next day stating my writing was “truly dope” and she found it “above and beyond” what she usually saw from young writers.

Outside of school, I attended and performed at writing conferences as well as spoken word and poetry workshops. Throughout my Creative Writing major at York University, I was fortunate enough to learn from acclaimed Canadian writers such as Jennifer Duncan, Patricia Keeney and the late Priscila Uppal. Practicing constructive criticism in workshop-style courses has reinforced my commitment to growing as a writer and polished my skills in providing valuable feedback to enhance others’ creative work.

I’m thrilled to share my work, but also hopeful that we can collaborate to create something profound and personal to you.

To find out more or discuss a future project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Poetry: Text


Poetry: Image

Seed and Salmon

The Green I Love 

Poetry; A Sestina

Flowers Within

What The Universe Tells Me 

Give Me To The Bees

Ink and Infinity

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Audience of One 

Let Us Pray 

Language of the Universe

The Same Sun Setting

This Body 

In The Hammock

Flowers Need Rain

The Fall

The Strength of Seeds

This River I Step In 

When The Flowers Close Their Eyes 

Her Storm


Song of Seas 

Meant to Fly 

Faith in Feathers

Well Wishes

Wherever You Will Go 

They're Tangible; The Clouds


Day and Night

Twin Flame; A Friendship

Love Letter to a Friend

Symphony of Promises

One Thousand Pictures

Into The Deep We Go 


I Was Lost So He Helped Me

The Divide

Partly Cloudy With A Chance 

Time to Rest 

Sweat and Strength


Morning Sun 

Poetry: Work
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