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Nothing Gold Can Stay

winter's the dawn of the seasons
in hushed white nights we search for reason
when the world seems cold and quiet
the sun still shines and we will find it

spring is morning, the growth arises
the roots unfurling sweet surprises
the honey bees, the blooming buds
our hopes will rise with what's to come

summer is the afternoon
savour it - for sun sets soon
the days go fast and before you know
all that came is bound to go

the autumn's here with tender evenings
so let's embrace the gentle leavings
we watch the green hues slowly fade
despite our hopes that they would stay

are goodbyes easier as we age?
can we embrace what comes with change?

in a world that won't stop turning
dreams in hand, we won't stop yearning

no matter what the climate brings
we'll find our song, our hearts will sing

when angels call I know we'll hear it

when our time comes, no need to fear it

they say that nothing gold can stay

but, like us, it will find a way

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