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I Was Lost So He Helped Me


     Felt on the verge of going insane.

     A new school year in a new place had me

     Overwhelmed with assignments and unpleasant

     Emotions. I was everywhere but I


     Nowhere all at once. Wandering across

     The university campus, I saw a lighthouse

     Guiding me to calmer shores. “The Listen Booth”

     The poster read. “Hear for Anything.” After feeling so


     And adrift, I couldn’t wait to find something

     To keep me anchored in one place. I was scared to

     Introduce myself because I didn’t know exactly

     Who that was anymore. The stranger smiled


     I approached, drawn to his gentle warmth and light

     After being in the dark for so long. I lifted the edge of

     My façade to reveal the heartbreak underneath

     And was surprised to find that


     Shared the same scar I was so desperately hiding. This stranger

     Allowed me to confide in him, and with that, he could

     Confide in me. Not only could he sympathize, he could relate.

     We shared our vulnerabilities and this


     Me in more ways than I could have imagined. He was

     On the other side of the same type of heartbreak that consumed me,

     An inspiring image of healing and happiness. He showed me

     How to think in a different way, he showed


     How to love in a different way.  Meeting him proved to me

     How much one person can grow after a fall, and ever since that day, I

     Used our encounters to keep a smile on my face. I saw the calm

     After the storm, and knew my skies would shine again soon.

I Was Lost So He Helped Me: Text
I Was Lost So He Helped Me: Text
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