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Her Storm

She was a ship sailing the seas

Her life of storming waters

Navigating identity

As child, mother, daughter

Along her way were many joys

The hues of new horizons

But minds can fill with so much noise

Self hidden by disguises

Searching for a long-lost youth

A lighthouse on the shore

Thick mist between her conceived truth

And the healing that restores

Treading through the mighty tides

Of things from which we run

The wind hears all that she confides

The wounds she tries to numb

She cast off all that weighed her down

In hopes of feeling lighter

A princess with a crooked crown

And turbulence inside her

A journey for the bravest souls

She was captain, crew and fighter

But the weather’s out of our control

And the storms raged on despite her

When you feel clouds start to roll in

And the distant strikes of thunder

Do not ask what could have been

Or let regrets pull you under

For her soul chose this life at sea

She was not here to be grounded

Her courage fueled her destiny

And left those in her wake astounded

As wave peaks glisten heavenly white

Allow her love to flood your heart

As sun and moon, as day and night

You will never be apart

In Loving Memory of Jennie Kupcis 

Her Storm: Text
Her Storm: Text
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