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Faith in Feathers

we have faith in feathered wings
fill nests with gleaming coins and rings
on familiar branches
we perch
until confronted with the unexpected. 
greasy, thick oil seeps deep in our veins
like liquid on concrete
it spreads and it stains.
once weightless feathers
now impossibly heavy
for this crippling illness
we could never be ready. 
stripped of our strength
our health
our defenses
despite perseverance 
this disease is relentless. 
until blessed with a cure
a lasting solution
we must endure turmoil
the internal pollution.
once our spirits are cleansed 
bodies healthy once more
we'll reconsider what's worth living for
when the bright dawn emerges
the songbird sings
restoring faith
to feathered wings

Faith in Feathers: Text
Faith in Feathers: Text
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