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Custom Poetry

Gifting someone a custom poem or having something written personally for you is truly a treat that everyone should experience. Whether you're looking to express deep emotions to someone special in your life, writing a tribute to a loved one or commemorating a special occasion, I'm confident we can work together to create something meaningful and memorable. 

Through our creative collaboration, we'll work together closely so I can understand your specific needs and preferences to create a piece that conveys whatever it is you'd like to express. 

There are a variety of poetic forms available and I welcome your input in terms of content and structure. Using evocative language, literary devices and your own personal input, we'll work together until you're entirely satisfied with the finished product. 

You have the option of various poetic forms, including but not limited to:

Rhyming - a poem where lines end in rhymes to create a consistent and rhythmic pattern

Acrostic Letters - a poem where the first letters of the lines spell out a word or a phrase 

Acrostic Words - a poem where certain words stand out from the rest of the lines to highlight a particular phrase 

Haiku - a poem typically consisting of 3 lines with a 5-7-5 syllable count 

Free Verse - a poem without a specific rhyme or meter scheme 

Ode - a poem that celebrates a person, object or idea

Elegy - a poem that mourns the loss of someone or something 

All poetic forms and content can be tailored to meet your specific desires.

Contact me to discuss and see below for a few examples. 

Custom Poetry: Text

Ryhming Poem

"Happy Birthday Jonathan"
Written by request to celebrate a 25th birthday (Version 1 of 2)

To my dear son Jonny, there's so much I want to say...
I'm wishing you the very best on your 25th birthday! 
We've shared amazing times together through this quarter century
I admire so much about you and you mean the world to me
You're mature and understanding, you're patient and you're kind
You're adventurous, hilarious and you keep an open mind
Together we've endured a lot, life hasn't always been a breeze
When I'm worried or distraught, a single thought of you puts my busy mind at ease
Thank you for maintaining balance and always being fair
I've seen handsome young men before, but to you, no one compares
You're loyal and you're faithful to your friends and family
You know how much you're worth and seek the highest quality
Whenever there's a limit you're always reaching higher
I hope you never settle and gain all that you desire
You're determined and resilient with everything you do
Despite that I'm your parent, I always learn so much from you 
My birthday wish for you is that your heart is always full
I hope you rise with every challenge and stay true to your soul 
I'm infinitely proud of you and the man that you've become
The greatest birthday gift is having you as my son

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Acrostic Letters Poem

"Happy Birthday Jonathan"
Written by request to celebrate a 25th birthday (Version 2 of 2)

Happy Birthday Jonathan! There is so much about you that I

Admire and I can’t begin to express how grateful and

Proud I am to be your mom. Thank you so much for your

Positivity and support through the challenging times we have faced, and I hope

You know what a powerful influence your strength and optimism have, not only for me,

But for everyone in our family. There is so much love in your heart and

I hope you’ll continue to share your unique outlook and infectious energy in all of your

Relationships and encounters. I know you won’t settle for less

Than what you deserve, and I hope that you can always stay

Honest about the things you desire most in life. It’s so easy to

Depend on external sources to feel successful or

Accomplished, but I know that no matter what happens,

You have an unwavering faith and

Joy that will keep you moving toward the most fulfilling life for you. You value quality

Over quantity, you’re so funny and handsome, and your love for

Nature and adventure is so important, now more than ever. I

Adore our time together and will always cherish the lessons you have

Taught me and all the incredible moments we

Have shared. I hope you enjoy your day and that it’s the beginning of

An incredible year for you. I love you so much and hope you

Never forget how valued and special you are. Happy 25th Birthday!

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Acrostic Words Poem

"This River I Step In"
Written for a friend who moved from the East Coast to Toronto
Title inspired by the installation on Riverside Bridge in Toronto


               may be scary but all the best things are.

               You’ve crossed the steep bridge from familiar to far.

               Wandered astray from the well-trodden path. There’s no mountain nor


               that you won’t surpass. To your deepest desires

               stay honest and true, and don’t forget tenses –

               second person is “you”. Always remember the first person is


               so why, so often, is it others we prioritize? Follow

               the beat of your own wild heart. You are the painter;

               this life is your art. When it comes to adventure, some people


               but into this journey you’ve courageously leapt.

               With wings from the angels and tides from the oceans

               you’ve envisioned your dreams and set them


               motion. And no matter where calls,

               across land or the sea… the universe,

               for you, holds every possibility.

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with my heavy heart

I blow wishes to the moon

hoping you’ll hear them


I watch spring showers

adorn unfurling leaves with

perfect spheres of rain


strangers on the sand

we danced along the ocean

eyes as bright as stars

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An Ode to Obsidian

I wear these beads around my wrist
When swarms of thought can’t be dismissed
I turn to you when my heart is heavy
When the long day beckons but I don’t feel ready
Against my pulse and busy hands
I feel grounded as I stand
I pour in you my hurt, my grief
While giving in to sweet release
Lights illuminating ebony
Pave a path toward tranquility
You tame the tides, ease out the feelings
Contribute to a deeper healing
A gentle sense of optimism
From this sacred gift the earth has given
You calm the violent storms within
An ode to my obsidian

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