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Language of the Universe

upon hearing he played guitar

someone asked

are you like... good?

or are you like... God?

and while it took some time and fine tuning

as the bests in life do

he can now hear a song

and in a minute or two

or at most a few

knows its ups and its downs 

its ins and its outs

its riffs and its rhythms.

he meets every song 

as a stranger and a soulmate

and not only can he play so effortlessly along

but dives deep in the zone 

and transforms the art

into something entirely his own. 

mind flowing fast as fingers dance

musical magic pouring out from within him

genuinely humble with the gift he's been given. 

to take from the source

a note of inspiration

and with heart, sound and soul

be a catalyst of creation.

and in my belief

that is God

for if music is the language of the universe

he speaks it fluently 

Language of the Universe : Text
Language of the Universe : Text
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