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Let Us Pray

let us pray
to the seeds and to the roots
of all the trees in all the forests
back to the beginning
of all things living
let us sing
the song of spirits
the anthem of the ancestors
this home and sacred land
of yours and mine and ours
of everything we share.
where we have learned then lost
the languages native to the trees
where we have mowed away the pollen
then demanded honey from the bees.
can we restore our faith in the
rain showers shining like
sunlight in stained glass cathedrals?
can we sit silent on wooden pews
as the storms scream symphonies
like churches holy choirs?
can we begin to sing
of what earth needs
and set aside the minds desires?
let us pray
for forgiveness
for everything destroyed and stolen
let us restore our faith and conviction
in our capacity to feel
and the earth’s fleeting
but persistent
ability to heal

Let Us Pray : Text
Let Us Pray : Text
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