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This River I Step In


     may be scary but all the best things are. 

     You’ve crossed the steep bridge from familiar to far.

     Wandered astray from the well-trodden path; there’s no mountain nor


     that you won’t surpass. To your deepest desires

     stay honest and true, and don’t forget tenses – 

     second person is “you”. Always remember the first person is

     so why, so often, is it others we prioritize? Follow

     the beat of your own wild heart. You are the painter;

     this life is your art. When it comes to adventure, some people


     but into this journey you’ve courageously leapt. 

     With wings of the angels and tides from the oceans 

     you’ve envisioned your dreams and set them


     motion. And no matter where calls,

     across land or the sea… the universe, 

     for you, holds every possibility.

This River I Step In : Text
This River I Step In : Text
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