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My name is Ilana, and I am a writer. Through sharing my perspectives, emotions and experiences, I recognize that we are more connected than we know.

This platform is an invitation for you to engage with likeminded people. We can share our trials and triumphs and offer our unique perspectives in the hopes that it may inspire others in their own writing practice and understanding of life. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything you’d like to discuss.


Like many artists, my creativity has gone in and out of phases. There were periods in my life where I felt disconnected to my inner voice and my creative confidence. I’m so grateful to have regained that connection lately, because I wouldn’t be here without it.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from York University where I studied Professional Writing and Creative Writing with a focus on the periodical stream, poetry and prose.

In addition to performing at open-mic nights around the city, I am a part-time freelance writer and have had my work published on various online platforms including

The content of my poetry and blogs are consistently evolving, and recently I've been focusing on nature, spirituality and creativity. There is an intricate connection between the human spirit and the natural world around us, and as my understanding of this life deepens, so does my ability to translate my personal reflections into an outward expression for other people to explore.

My education and experience in professional writing have contributed to my broad set of skills related to professional writing. From conducting research and interviews to composing drafts and executing final edits, I genuinely enjoy all stages of the writing process.

For a long time I didn't share the same way I do now because I was scared. I feared many things: disappointing myself with a lack of consistent practice, feeling discouraged by criticism from others and my own imagined inadequacies, and the vulnerability that accompanies honest expression.

Like I said, I was scared.

And a large part of me still is.

But I want to be a writer.

And to be a writer, one must write.

I am a writer.

I am writing.

About Me: About Me
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