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I am a poet and a content creator.

This site features a glimpse into my poetry collection, my personal blog and my professional portfolio. 

I write poems, articles, blogs, speeches, employment documents and educational projects, and offer editing services for all the above.

The themes in my poetry and blogs evolve as I continue to learn and grow. Currently, I enjoy exploring connections between nature, spirituality and creativity.

Growing up in Toronto has helped shape my curiosity as a writer, while time spent in the country sparked my imagination and inspired a deep admiration of the natural world.

I’m proud to share my work through this platform, and I am thrilled at the possibility of collaborating with you to create something profound and personal.

To find out more or discuss a future project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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featured poem

Ink and Infinity

when I write

I wander the gardens 

soak in language like lakes


like mist on water

rising like day

whispering wisdom 

and weaving like wind

this is my 

milk and honey

my chocolate and diamond

my love and my moon

poems come like sleep

deep and sudden

born from dreams and 

all their infinities

where magic's like spring 

- our quiet blooming - 

and everything is mine

to create 

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